Gorgos and Anna Springs!

Hi guys!! this sunday March 28th les’t go Magnificent route through the Gorgos de Anna (which are waterfalls or waterfalls). We will enjoy a day with fountains and a fascinating route where those who want to can also bathe, price promotion 15€.

Town: Anna
Province: Valencia
Distance covered: 9’8 kms

The Gorgo de la Escalera, appears as a large canyon sculpted by the waters of the river, which is accessed through 136 steps. In its cold waters you can take a bath or simply relax with the contemplation of the landscape and the sound of the water cascading down the ravine.

Departure from Valencia 10:00h in Valencia and return at 18:00h


√ Private Bus from Valencia (go and back) 
√ Anna guide through hiking trails. 
√ Picnic Time
√Private guide

Bring water , sunscreen, bring a swimming costume for those who want to go for a swim, sport shoes , and food.

Rules: very important, always with the Covid rules: Masks and groups of 4 persons.

Buy you ticket here:

Transfer bank: ES6200730100590506055082

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